Friday, 5 August 2011

Story Bud?

One of the teachers we had in St Aidan's CBS in Whitehall, Dublin was Mr Welsh. He was one of those teachers who made the class a bit of craic, (of the Irish 'fun' variety as opposed to the US 'cocaine' variety).

Wally had a number of little sayings he would trot out on a regular basis, one of which was used when someone gave an incorrect answer to a question posed. In a long drawn out, and slightly nasal-ly voice the contribution would be described as...'The ravings of a lunatic...the wanderings of a  de-ranged mind'

Over a quarter of a century later, I have decided to begin a blog to record some of my writings. I've spent a lot of the intervening years scribbling poems and passages, and if I had finished all, (or even any), of the novels I've enthusiastically embarked on well who knows where I'd be now. Because of course once the books are finished my main challenge will be trying to control the queue of publishers and agents jostling for position outside my front door!!!

So, inspired by a few different people who I've come across recently in Twitterville and other places, I've decided to come clean. My name is Tony Murphy and I want to be an author. I will re-produce some short stories here and if you like them tell your friends. Feel free to comment and any constructive advice would be much appreciated.

It feels a bit like diving in the deep end and wondering, just as your feet leave the safety of the ground, whether you've really figured out the whole swimming thing. But here goes...

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